Non-European Plants 

To what extent the outcome of our life depends on our own willpower, tenacity, and how much is instead determined by the fact that we are born in a specific country? I was born and raised in a country that is outside the European Union, and I had no idea how difficult it can be to stay and work inside the European Union and what kind of problems you can have on the border and with the police. Being unable to stay in the European Union’s country, I came back to my country and at that moment I felt like a plant. Planted where I didn't choose and growing where I didn't want to grow, without the possibility to place my roots anywhere. I was wondering how much any one of us has anything to do with self-determination? And if anyone of us has a possibility to spread his areal of existence with the help of the wind the same as plants can, then once when you cut a plant and put it in a herbarium it's the same as to chain a human.

Location Belgrade, Serbia. 

May 2018.