In this set of photos, I bring objects from my home setting (a paper glass, a plate, a food) with neutrality and clarity as if my gaze is an automatic process aimed at capturing the essence of things – freed from personal connotations and the superstructures of meaning – and translating their relationship with reality. Isolated on an empty table from the chaotic context of the present, these objects are photographed and operated in a minimal way to ensure that my subjective view does not interfere with the representation by modifying the objective nature of the elements photographed. I shifted towards a reality where the objects assert their presence in terms of their lack of vitality and their purely iconic value. I saw that as an only way of comprehending objects with the mind, employing the “ technologically unconscious” of the photographic medium, which structures the image independently of a subjective view and brings forth the natural formulation of reality, isolated in time, rather than a constructed version. In this way potential of each object is amplified in relation to space, in terms of both its formal and aesthetic characteristics and in its emotional and intimist aspects.
And the result is a sort of decongestion of the gaze, enabling objects to be seen in a new, different light, without any kind of conditioning: a linguistic exercise that reflects on art and the awareness of the world that it can offer.

Location Belgrade, Serbia.

April 2018.